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About Charles Carrin

"Go Wake Up My Church"


CHARLES CARRIN'S ministry spans the final half of the twentieth century. He was ordained in 1949 and in his youth traveled with men who preached in the 1800's. For the first twenty-seven years of his ministry, Charles was a hyper-Calvinist Baptist pastor and Presbyterian seminarian who denied the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit.


Mid-way in his ministry that abruptly changed. Personal crisis forced him to acknowledge Scriptures he had previously ignored. It was a time of intense pain and testing. The truths he saw were frightening; they had power to destroy his denominational ministry and at that point he had no hope that another, more wonderful ministry awaited him.

As a result of his submitting to God in that crisis, Charles emerged with an amazing anointing of the Holy Spirit. Today, his ministry centers upon the visible demonstration of the Spirit and imparting of His gifts. This new ministry has taken him to London's Westminster Chapel, the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, and other significant places. He, R.T. Kendall, the former, 25 year pastor at Westminster Chapel, and Jack Taylor, former Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention, travel together holding "Word, Spirit, Power, Conferences."

As an evangelist/writer, Charles' articles have appeared in major Christian magazines in the United States and abroad. He travels extensively, teaching believers how to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Meet the Family


Cecile + Neal McGuire

Cecile McGuire

Cecile McGuire is the daughter of Pastor Charles Carrin. She grew up learning about ministering and pastoring first hand. She also demonstrated musical talent at an early age, starting piano lessons at age seven and accompanying church services by age 11.


Cecile has over 40 years of professional experience as a pianist, organist, choir director, Minister of Music, and piano teacher. She earned her bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Georgia with an additional certificate in piano/performance.


Cecile retired from her full-time job as Music Director of traditional and blended services at a local church in 2014. She currently plays part- time for church services, enjoys being a grandmother, and assists with Charles Carrin Ministries.


Cecile is the acting Vice President of Charles Carrin Ministries. Cecile and Neal (her husband) were the chief editors of Charles' life story "Hooray and Halleluiah" released Easter 2019.


Cecile has extensive practical experience in personal prayer ministry. Her ministry training includes Elijah house prayer minister - Level 1, "Restoring the Shattered" seminars, and "Evangelism Explosion." She is a gifted public speaker and teacher, and she operates in a unique gift of mercy with accompanying "Words of Knowledge."


Cecile has a Youtube channel, "Cecile Carrin McGuire," where she enjoys sharing her own piano hymn arrangements and devotionals, as well as original songs.


People Who Have Impacted My Life


L-R: R.T. Kendall, Jack Taylor, Charles Carrin


L-R: Charles + Laurie Carrin, Ruth + Derek Prince

L-R: Carole + John Arnott, Charles Carrin

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