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Praise for

Spirit-Empowered Theology

''An amazing book that can be used as a Protestant catechism and teach­ing instrument regarding the Christian faith. It contains a vast amount of knowledge that is needed by contemporary Christians. I especially recommend it to those who are beginning their journey into the theological realm of 'Word and Spirit' truth. This book belongs in your library."
-Randy Clark, D.Min., Th.D., overseer, Apostolic Network of Global Awakening; founder, Global Awakening;
author,  There Is More!, The Healing  Breakthrough  and more

"Millions of people today are searching for a reliable voice of author­ ity. Papa Charles Carrin has provided us with a foundation of what we need to know in order to live a supernatural life in a natural way. Spirit-Empowered Theology is the inheritance given to all of us who long to live a life that honors the past in order to bring heaven to earth. This book is a treasure trove, allowing access to wisdom for anyone who wants to burn brightly without burning out. I consider it an honor to have been invited to review and comment on such an inspired life work. I encourage you to read it and receive new levels of power, love and wisdom for a supernatural lifestyle!"
-Leif Hetland, founder and president, Global Mission Awareness; author, Seeing Through Heaven's Eyes and Healing the Orphan Spirit

"Theology, however good and sound it is, is lifeless unless it is Spirit­ empowered. In his book Spirit-Empowered Theology, Pastor Charles Carrin sets forth in three hundred questions not only sound, but em­ powered theology-that is, both biblically sound doctrine  as well as an overview of Christian history, thereby empowering readers to better understand both their identity in Christ and their rich Christian heritage. A perusal of the book, obviously, will greatly reward its reader with a wealth of knowledge."
-Michael Peterson, ordained Pentecostal pastor; lifelong Bible researcher; former administrator, School of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh
"Spirit-Empowered Theology is a valuable treatise that helps all of us to more clearly understand the value and power of our faith in these tumultuous times."
-R. A. Beisner, pastor, The Father's Paradigm  Mini stry, Hyde Park,
New York; retired  justice, New York State Supreme Court

"Charles Carrin is a prince of preachers, a sound theologian and an absolute lover and practitioner of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. In Spirit-Empowered Theology, Charles has undertaken perhaps the most comprehensive work of his life. He leaves us with a treasure trove of pertinent questions and answers that are the product of his many years of ministry experience and study. All have been reviewed, edited and annotated by a distinguished group of present-day revival leaders who likewise have many years of study and practical experi­ ence. This book is a golden resource, now available to up-and-coming leaders who will be needing answers regarding issues, situations and circumstances arising from the soon-coming mighty wave of revival that is about to break upon the entire globe."
-John and Carol Arnott, founding pastors, Catch the Fire Ministries; overseers, Partners in Harvest, Toronto, Canada

"The immense wisdom of a life lived passionately pursuing God and His Kingdom resonates throughout this book. These are questions we wrestle with, and I don't personally know of many who are as theo­ logically and experientially qualified as Charles Carrin to biblically answer them."
-David McQueen, lead pastor, Beltway Park Church, Abilene, Texas


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