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2023 Testimonies:

1. Dear Cecile, I wanted to share something with you that happened to me earlier this week during my visit with your dad.  We were chatting about old Miami and having a pleasant visit, and somehow the topic was fear/anxiety.  This had been an issue for me for at least two decades—especially the last ten years.  He prayed, and we continued to chat for a spell. The next morning the heaviness of anxiety/fear/dread was gone!  I am free!  It is so exciting for me!!

2.  I was in a cult for 47 years and didn’t realize that it was a cult. If that sounds shocking, it was even more shocking for me to realize that it was true.
Then in April, 2022,  one of our “healthier” members, who had met Pastor Carrin at a meeting in the early 1990’s (and continued to follow his teachings), invited him  to come speak and minister at one of our meetings.  The leader was very reluctant, but she did allow Pastor Carrin to come.
If there is one word I would use to  describe Pastor Carrin, it would be LOVE. He came to the meeting that day not knowing he was entering a cult, but, without a word, the Love and Power of God coming through him exposed the cult. 
From that day forward the cult began to crumble. Within two months  the leader was gone, and the captives were set free! All of this happened because of God's great love in Pastor Carrin. The love of God is the most powerful force in the universe,  and it is a powerful force in Pastor Carrin.
Can you imagine being so filled with the love of God that all you have to do is walk in a room, as Pastor Carrin did, and evil is destroyed!
Jacqueline Nawrocki
Suches, GA


Dear Charles:

I am the man who drove from Augusta, Georgia, to hear you speak in Columbia, South Carolina, at the Word, Spirit, Power, Conference. We prayed and I told you about my struggles with alcohol. I have been battling this addiction for years now. It has cost me a lot in life–money, jobs, family, relationships–not to mention the toll it has taken on my physical condition. I use to be a very athletic person. Played college golf and had a brief stint on the professional mini-tours ... After reading your article, Parable Of The Muddy Dog, meeting, talking, and praying with you, I feel like the power of the Holy Spirit has driven that demon from me. I have not had any desire to drink

since the day I read the "parable." Nor have I experienced any withdrawal symptoms and I feel like a different man. That makes sense because I am a different man! In the past my car seemed to turn in the liquor store parking lot without my doing it. Several times now I have passed the store without realizing where I was. Thank you for opening my eyes to the power of the Holy Spirit. I have always accepted Jesus as my savior therefore felt saved but I can tell you something has changed in the last week. I believe that I had a demon of alcohol in me. I want to thank you for your help. With the power of the Holy Spirit I will continue to defeat that demon. Thank you again! -John

Dear Charles, 

In March of 1998 you came to southeast Indiana to teach and minister to a group of about 300 men. I was–begrudgingly–one of them. My oldest daughter had just died of Leukemia two months earlier at the age of 14. I was consumed with grief but consented to go with a friend. He would not leave me alone about the benefits of my attending. While sitting in the dorm I told the Lord I did not want to be there, but now that I was there, show me that you want me here: Put someone in my path the moment I enter the building who has also lost a child. Ten minutes later my friend and I entered the registration room and who was standing right in front of me? A good friend who had lost his son a year earlier from electrocution. I melted under the loving hand of Jesus.

You took over from there, under the guidance of the Holy One. I was a disbeliever in the experience of being "slain the Spirit." Three times I came forward, three times you stood in front of me, you did not touch me, and three times I was left on the floor, looking up at you. That night you delivered me from the spirit of human grief–which allowed the Holy Spirit to grieve in me.

A year later you were back in Ohio preaching at a church on the east side. You walked up the aisle, waiting on the Lord to point out individuals to you. I was well-hidden by a large gentleman to my right and breathed a sigh of relief as you passed our pew. You then stopped; backed up five paces, then pointed at me. I looked straight ahead and did not respond until you said in a commanding voice, "You sir, come here." A minute later I was lying on the floor looking up at you. You knelt down and told me that "I would wail (Intercede—Romans 8:26) in prayer for a particular people." 

Since then I have become a Bible smuggler to China twice and finally took my youngest daughter Amy with me to work at a Muslim orphanage in northern China on the Inner-Mongolian border. Although I have never wailed in prayer for Christians in China I have prayed for them and try to send money to my organization for the printing of New Testaments. What you have just read is only the tip of the iceberg in how you have affected my life and my personal ministry for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This letter is mostly about the book I sent and that you now hold. At the end of your three days of ministry in southeast Indiana you allowed me to share about my daughter’s short life. When I finished, I noticed that many of the men were crying and began to form a line in front of me—and a ministry began that Sunday morning and this book is a result of that beginning.

The story is not about "daddy’s little girl" but a testimony of Jesus living through a little girl. Jesus likened the "Kingdom of God" to little children and I believe Eva manifested these words in her short life. From March of ‘98 until December of 2012 this testimony (and now the book)  has been a "God send" to those hurting and struggling with spiritual, physical, and emotional issues. I will always be thankful for your commitment to the gospel of Jesus and the anointing He has bestowed on you, Charles. 

As you read through the book, know that your Spirit-guided life had a part in it. In closing, I have kept and still read every one of your Newsletters from April of ‘98 to the present. I have made and passed out more copies than I can count. Thanks Charles and God bless you! I’ll look you up in Glory! -Mike Fitzgerald  

New Testimonies - September, 2013

Pastor Charles, I was with you at Grace Church, Boynton Beach, years ago when the Holy Spirit moved powerfully in the people.  It happened to me and my life was permanently changed.  I will never be the same.  Thank God!  Recently I heard that the building is being remodeled enlarged and another congregation the “Journey Church” is also moving in.  What is happening at Grace?  Is Elwood Holley still there? How are you?– RJ
Dear J., Blessings on you and thanks for writing.  First of all, Elwood is still an Elder and he–with many of the Grace congregation--will be part of the “Journey Church” when the remodeling is complete.  The new auditorium will seat about 800 or more.  The pastor is Scott Baugh, a young man whom I greatly appreciate.  He has a strong evangelical message and is much beloved by the people.  Remodeling will only be minor changes to the exterior of the building.  My years at Grace were wonderfully blessed of God!  Many lives were changed. When I left Grace the congregation numbered about 400. I am healthy and well–thank God!--83 this year–continuing to travel extensively and preach about the Kingdom and the King! Thanks for writing. Be blessed! Live in the glory!  Charles Carrin
When I was pastor in Atlanta and broadcasting over one of the local radio stations, our daughter met another student at College who recognized her name from my broadcast.  He told her of a life-changing experience that had come to him through one of my radio messages.  He was battling severe depression and one day when he could take it no longer jumped in his car, drove away, determined never to return to school.  His car radio was on.  I was telling how God wanted us to live in the peace of the Holy Spirit. Pulling the car to the side of the road, he prayed, telling the Lord he wanted to experience that holy calm. He needed it. A minute later he turned the car around, returned to the college, finished his course. The "presence" came and the depression was permanently gone.   CC

New Testimonies - May, 2013

HEALED OF FIBROMYALGIA:  "After seven years of chronic pain and other medical issues, I am healed and set free! Praise God!  Fibromyalgia had taken over my life, as well as other medical issues. My husband Steve and I went to Starkville, Mississippi, the first week of March to see you Charles, and to have an encounter with the Lord. As always, we were not disappointed.  On March 4, 2013 at the end of the meeting I was delivered, set free, and healed! Praise God! It took just a few minutes of laying on hands ministry by you for the Holy Spirit to heal me!

"No more pain, no more pain medicine, and nothing to hold me back from living a life to the fullest. A life God intended for me to live from the beginning. I am now up all day enjoying life. Everyday simple pleasures are just that, a pleasure. No pain to come at me during or after a day spent with grandchildren. (3 grandchildren from 3 ½ years old down to 7 months old) The difference has been noticeable to those around me. Some aren’t sure what has happened but they see that it is good. Thank you, Charles for allowing the Holy Spirit to move through you so powerfully. I am forever grateful. Steve & I love you so much." -Judy Wilkerson,  Murphreesboro, Tennessee


Testimonies from October, 2012

"Dear Brother Carrin, For nine years I suffered from a nagging neck injury that occurred when I was struck in the head by a falling beam in a house under renovation. Periodically, the muscles would become inflamed and painful. Today, my neck is completely healed! Praise His Name! I felt the Lord touch and heal my neck during the service. At that time, it was still in a state of being inflamed and painful. Brother Carrin, thanks so much for caring about us and bringing understanding to the wonderful working of the Holy Spirit and His awesome power. Furthermore, thank you for carrying such an abundance of the Father’s love. THANKS!" G R
"Dear Charles, Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit. I am forever enlightened and changed. You see, I had never “rested” in the Spirit before your visit to Jacksonville. The revelation I received was a simple, yet mature and profound 'I know!' I KNOW! My personal “worry knot” in the stomach is gone. I cannot even remember that feeling. I know my children are God’s and He will guide them. I know what requires discipline regarding their behavior and what is minor and can be overlooked ... I know what groceries to buy ... I could go on and on! This is so major for me. Even after I accepted Jesus as a young adult, it was not possible for me to really believe salvation was a gift. For a long time after my conversion I took ice cold showers in order to suffer in a limited way to show my thankfulness! I was nagged with thoughts that my prayer of repentance did not include all the 'right words.' My eyes are open now! Merciful Jesus recognized the condition of my heart those years long ago. I’m no longer in neutral--I’m in drive! I so desire the purity, gentleness, graciousness that the Dove offers. He is forever welcome ... Thank you for pressing on when your physical body would prefer resting." J S
Hello Pastor, allow me to briefly tell you about the things God has been doing in my life. I had been a believer for many years. But by 1993,I was at the end of my rope. Alcohol, & drug abuse, low self esteem, I was a mess. I had transferred from Cupertino, California, to Nashville, Tennessee. I attended a service you happened to be facilitating at the time. Later you laid-hands on me. I absolutely believe that God works through people. Well! from 1993 to this day, the Lord has relieved me of the craving for drugs/alcohol/tobacco/lousy behavior/etc. I did not do this by myself. God delivers! Just thought that you'd like to know. B.W.
“I was so blessed this week!!! When I went down in the Spirit, my life changed. I feel like a whole new person! God ignited the fire and now I'm desperate for His presence!! He poured out His spirit, and I'm praying He continues to pour out His spirit!” — Courtney Tarter


Charles, Your newsletter on "Deliverance Ministry" was very timely and much needed reading. When you ministered deliverance to me over 10 years ago, I was freed from so much. It felt like my body was going to vibrate for hours as those things exited me. I could go into much more detail. Praise God for deliverance ministry and how He used you to free me from the demonic influences of kung fu, tai chi, masonry, and other things. I doubt I would be alive today if I had not experienced deliverance at that time. Thank you for being such an important part of my life over the years. I believe that my husband and I getting to know you was a divine appointment from God. Vickie Burnham


Charles, I ministered to a Christian last week who had attended three spirit-filled churches over the last several years and each time begged the senior pastor to perform deliverance on him. All three refused saying he can’t have a demon. I cast 5 demons out of him as his eyes rolled back in his head, his body went stiff then shook violently as each one came out. I saw him yesterday and his countenance completely changed so much his family and co-workers kept asking him what happened to him and saying how he looked so different, i.e. better!! Praise the Lord!!! Kimo


Dear Charles ... Years ago my brother-in-law set up an appointment for me to see you. For several years I had severe hip pain and discomfort. You told me a few testimonies of others and then began to pray for me. As I stood there eyes closed and relaxed my body began to move without my influence of trying. I considered it strange/different. After you had finished praying I was still thinking about my body movement when you asked me about my hip. The hip was totally healed !!! In the years since I have spoken of how God used your ministry to heal my hip. Its fairly regular for me to testify about this. I want to thank you for your ministry and willingness to continue to serve our great God!! Blessings to you, Kirby Kepner (Matthew 28:18-20)


My dearest brother in Christ–Charles. What a fabulous week I spent with you at Christ The Rock Church in the Glory Breakthrough Conference! I also want to tell you about the miracle that I received from the Holy Spirit on June 27, 2008, when we were at the Harbour Church, Pompano Beach, Florida. You were ministering and put my right hand over my heart. I felt intense heat coming from my own hand and as your hand came towards my head I went down to the floor. I can‘t describe the incredible feeling that I had. At that moment the Holy Spirit held me in His loving hands. I don’t know how long I was down. Just as I came out I took off my glasses and put my hands over my eyes. I had been wearing eye glasses since I was 17 years old. The Holy Spirit was blessing my entire body using my own hands. I got up and knew immediately that I had been healed everywhere. I don’t have to wear glasses any more! Wow! I know that my life won’t be the same after this. Thank you Jesus! I give Jesus my Lord and Savior ALL the credit. I send this to you because I have to give a testimony of His abounding grace and truth. May our Lord fill you and may your cup overflow ... Dania Prieto-Tucker, Holguin, Cuba



Your recent article about tongues was the very best explanation I have ever heard or read. You clarified the gift that I received so long ago but many times denied because of my own confusion. Much of the confusion came from past religious teaching that was shrouding clarity. But this does not need to be any longer! I am re-embracing the work of the Spirit in my life and pray that God will direct me in His ways from now on ... I failed to embrace the gift of tongues because I could not reconcile it to what I had been taught. I 'see’ it now from what you wrote! You simply wiped away the web of religious teaching that was a trap to true understanding. My mind and spirit were conflicted. Thank you for reconciling the two in one article! Please pray for me. I want to be what the Lord wants me to be. I remember your testimony and I experienced so much during that time in my life. It was my joy to be in meetings you lead back in the 90's in Georgia. Pray that I will grow in wisdom and grace to be what God desires. There is so much deception, confusion, and false teaching in the church. As I read your article, I knew in my spirit that it was truth! Thank you for writing so plainly and clearly! God bless you!— Renee

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